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KeyB & Numa Organs

Vintage Keys for the 21st century keyboardist

KeyB DuoThe KeyB Organ is not just another B3 clone. It is, in our view, the only credible alternative to a vintage B3/C3.

You have at your fingertips EXACT representations of the finest vintage keyboards ever built including Joey DeFrancesco' own '59 Hammond C3 which has great condition Wax Capacitors, used by Jimmy Smith to record many album tracks over the years. Others include a Mylar Capacitor B3 used by Brian Auger and is a favourite among many KeyB owners.

Furthermore, and this is pretty unbelievable - you just won't need a rotary speaker. KeyB includes a revolutionary 3D rotary emulator. This is no mere Stereo Panning signal as included with almost all clonewheel instruments and rotart effect units, KeyB has a true 3d audio image. You can sense the rotors individually moving toward and away from youinstead of the rather flat 2d image used by our competitors. This means no heavy 122 or 147 to carry around and maintain, no miking up - simply DI to your desk or PA. This is the Keyboard tech's dream come true!

The latest version KeyB Duo III features 'vintage' tabs, reverse prest keys and half moon controller.

Whichever instrument you choose, be it the mighty KeyB Duo, Numa Organ or KeyB EXP, rest assured you will get the same awe inspiring sound from each and will be asked the same question over and over again; "what is THAT and where is the Leslie????".

Numa KeyB Powered

Numa Organ

NumaThis lightweight controller keyboard has at its heart a KeyB DSP board preloaded with tonewheel model, leakage and presets. What does this mean? Simply put it is a full blown KeyB Organ in an ultra light, pocket friendly package.

Working alongside Joey DeFrancesco, KeyB and Studiologic ensured the Numa Organ not only sounds awesome (which is a given considering the guts of the thing) but has exactly the right feel and necessary controls so that even the most accomplished organ players can perform to the max!

Artists 'in the know' include Joey DeFrancesco, Alberto Marsico, John Paul Gard, Bill Mudge, Brian Auger, Ross Stanley and many more.

For more information, videos and specs relating to the incredible KeyB organ and Numa single manual controller visit our microsite:

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