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Numa Organ

KeyB powered 

The Numa Organ is not just another B3 clonewheel instrument. This lightweight controller keyboard has at its heart a KeyB DSP board preloaded with tonewheel model, leakage and presets. What does this mean? Simply put it is a full blown KeyB Organ in an ultra light, pocket friendly package.


Working alongside Joey DeFrancesco, KeyB and Studiologic ensured the Numa Organ not only sounds awesome (which is a given considering the guts of the thing) but has exactly the right feel and necessary controls so that even the most accomplished organ players can perform to the max!


Lets look at some of the features.

Sound Generation Physical Instrument Modeling (PIM)
Keyboards 61 note waterfall keyboard plus 12 reverse colour
Drawbars 1x set of nine drawbars (switch between manuals):
Upper/Lower 16’- 5(1/3)’- 8’ - 4’ - 2(2/3)’ - 2’ - 1(3/5)’ - 1(1/3)’ - 1’
Pedals 16' - 8'
Drawbar Select Upper Drawbar Set A or Set B (via preset keys)
Vibrato/Chorus Upper / Lower On/Off,
  Select, V-1, V-2, V-3, C-1, C-2, C-3
Harmonic On/Off, Volume Soft or Normal, Decay Fast or
Percussion Normal, Harmonic Percussion 2nd or 3rd
  Percussion Level and Percussion Decay
Connectors AC (110-240V)
  Left & Right Audio Out
  11 pin Rotary Speaker connector
  Stereo Line In with rotary level adjust
  Stereo Headphone
  Digital Expression Pedal
  1/4" Rotary Simulation Footswitch
  1/4" Sustain Pedal
  2x USB Port (1 standard, 1 mini for firmware)
Dimensions Width: 111cm
  Height: 11.5cm
  Depth: 35cm
Weight 10kg




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