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KEYB Organs Opens Manufacturing Plant in U.S.A. Columbia, MO 

Dietrolequinte di Elvio Previati today announced the opening of a manufacturing facility in Columbia, Missouri, United States . This move is to drastically increase manufacturing capabilities and KeyB product offerings.

Sales of KeyB Organs have increased steadily over the last few years. The current facility in Fabbrico, Italy, cannot keep up with demand. This has prompted Dietrolequinte di Elvio Previati to make the bold move to relocate all manufacturing to the United States in their new 100,000 square foot campus in Columbia, Missouri, USA. This location was strategically chosen because of its geographic proximity to the center of the country. Columbia, Missouri is between St. Louis, MO and Kansas City, MO and is most noted for being the home of University of Missouri as well as several other colleges and universities. The KeyB campus is located off Interstate 70 which is a main artery for trucking in the U.S. as well as an international trade zone. KeyB Organs campus includes a state of the art research and development department, and collaboration is in progress with University of Missouri Industrial manufacturing systems engineering department to develop cutting edge processes to improve quality and increase efficiency while preserving top standards of craftsmanship.

KeyB Organs new campus will also house a comprehensive call center for consumer, dealer and distributor for sales and support. The expert support staff has been provided a state-of-the-art database system to track and catalog all support tickets, and creating a dynamic knowledge base which will be available online in early 2013.
KeyB Organs has turned their focus on dealer profitability and consumer support in designing this new facility. The move to the USA helps to accomplish just that, lowering the cost of manufacturing and distribution, improving dealer support internationally, and giving the consumers what they are looking for, a product manufactured in the USA. KeyB’s employees are taking great pride in bringing manufacturing of their products to America; KeyB Organ’s new campus is only 400 miles from the birthplace of the original Tonewheel organ. While other manufactures are moving their manufacturing to Asia, KeyB Organ’s has moved their manufacturing to the Global leader of musical instrument consumption, the USA.

Whereas significant investments have been made in the moving of KeyB Organs to the USA in the areas of technology and manufacturing, a great care has been taking to keep the hand built quality of these instruments unchanged by marrying computer controlled processes with old world craftsmanship. KeyB believes that this strategy will yield the best balance for quality control, consistency and technological innovation, with attention to detail and pride of craftsmanship unmatched in the world of production musical instruments.”

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