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  • Reference Guide - KeyB Solo
  • Reference Guide - KeyB Duo
    This covers all functions of the KeyB Duo Mark II, manual for the Mark III will be available shortly.
  • KeyB Loader
    Microsoft Windows Executable.
  • dll library
    Zip Archive Dynamic Link Library files
  • KeyB Firmware
    Latest Firmware for your KeyB Duo or KeyB solo
  • Levels
    Additional Models for KeyB Duo or KeyB solo
  • Leakages
    Additional Leakage (crosstalk) models your KeyB Duo or KeyB solo
  • USB Drivers
    These may be required during first connection of your computer to the KeyB.



If you have purchased your KeyB or Numa anywhere in the UK you can call us on 01604 637444 or use the form on the Contact page.